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  • Student Help

    If you are having difficulty with any aspect of iLearn, please send us an email by contacting:

  • Student help on iLearn

    Information iconStudent Help

    Welcome to the student help section on iLearn. Here you will find information on how to access and use the system. If you are having difficulties with any aspect of iLearn, you can contact us at

    Learning Technologists are also available in each of the following locations:

    • Dunfermline (Jordan Wallace, Room )
    • Kirkcaldy (Andrew Dalrymple, Steven Barrie, St Brycedale Library)
    • Glenrothes (Andrew McGregor, Stenton LTQ Hub)
    • Logging in to iLearn

      Login iconHow to login

      Click on the resources below to see how you can login to iLearn from within and outwith the college, and how to access the system from different browsers.

    • Accessing your courses

      Book iconAccessing your courses

      When you log in to iLearn for the very first time, you will be prompted to start a 'User Tour'. This is just a quick tour around some of the areas that you will see in iLearn. It takes no longer than 60 seconds and is highly recommended if you have never used iLearn before. Just click on the 'Next' button and the tour will highlight and provide a small explanation of the different areas of iLearn

      User Tour


    • Using Forums

      Using ForumsForums in iLearn

      A forum is an online discussion area where students and tutors can hold conversations in the form of posted messages.

      Some courses may have forums as part of their course, whilst others use forums as a way to distribute important news or information.

      A forum is represented with the following icon:

      Forum Icon


      You may be required, as part of a course, to reply to a comment or question posted by your lecturer. Additionally, you can also start your own discussion topic within that forum - great if you want to share ideas, information and collaborate with others in your class.

      You can try out the Student iLearn help forum below. Don't worry, we clear these posts regularly so you shouldn't feel shy or nervous. Give it a try!

    • Answering Questions

      Activities IconQuestion content

      Some of your courses may have one or all of the following:

      Multiple Choice
      Drag and Drop

      A Quiz is represented with the following icon:

      Quiz icon

      Feel free to try out the test quiz below. There's only one question to answer!

    • Submitting Assignments

      Assignment iconiLearn Assignments

      In iLearn, some of your courses may include 'Assignments' for you to complete as part of you assessment.

      Typically assignments are completed 'offline' - meaning you will complete a report or answer some questions. Instructions on completing your assignment will be shown in iLearn. When you have completed the assignment, you will then 'upload' it so your tutor can mark it.

      Submitting assignments' are recognised by the following icon:

      Assignment icon

      You can also click the 'Example assignment' link underneath it to try it out for yourself.

    • Turnitin - Student Guide

    • Turnitin Guide - How to interpret your score

    • iPortfolio