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Turnitin Migration

Turnitin Migration

by Alec Young -
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Migration is underway on the Turnitin Plugin, upon first visiting a Turnitin Submission, Lecturers will be presented with the following message.

Turnitin Initial message

This is no cause for concern. the iLearn Turnitin Plugin has been upgraded to 'Turnitin V2'. 

This brings in some new functionality, security updates and GDPR compliance.

This is an automatic process and will take less than 30 seconds, you will then be presented with the following message and shown the new Turnitin Dashboard:

Success message on Turnitin Plugin

Note: Don't worry about losing work as all submissions are stored on the Turnitin Servers, not on iLearn. This means the look and feel of the plugin is changing without having to worry about submissions being lost.

Your Turnitin link may shift to the top of the iLearn page also.

All dates and submissions times will be maintained although any Turnitin submission which has been restricted on iLearn may need to be restricted again.

You will know if a Submission is restricted as it will be displayed below the Turnitin Link.

We will provide a write-up on some of the new functions and make it available from the link below: