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Turnitin Grade Scale shows incorrect score on iLearn

Turnitin Grade Scale shows incorrect score on iLearn

by Alec Young -
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Some people have made mention that Grading on Turnitin has at times reflected incorrectly on iLearn using Scales to grade.

Grading a 70 out of 100 returns a Fail grade etc


On iLearn, there are two default grade types - Scales and Points.

Points are numeric and can take the form of 70% or 70/100.

Scales are Textual and descriptive such as Pass/Fail and A/B/C etc.

When the grade has been created on Turnitin, iLearn tries to map the returned value to its textual equivalent. For a Scale with two possible options, Values above 50% will give one result while values below will give another (whereas four results each score will map to 25%).

The Scale grade goes from Lowest to Highest so some older Scales 'Pass, Fail' treat the first option (Pass) as the lower score while newer scales such as 'Fail, Pass' treat the first option (Fail) as the lower option. 


In order to provide a solution, a new Grade Scale has been created called 'Turnitin - Remediation or 71% to pass'.

This scale has 10 possible options with the first 7 being 'Remediation' and the last 3 being 'Pass'.

When it maps to a score, anything from 0-10 becomes remediation, 11-20 becomes remediation etc until it returns 71-80 where it will return Pass

* Please note however that if a grade has already been given on Turnitin, you can no longer change the grade type on iLearn. (Without removing and readding all grades) *

You can read more about this issue below: