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Introducing H5P - Interactive Content Creator

Introducing H5P - Interactive Content Creator

by Alec Young -
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H5P Interactive Content

The eLearning Team is happy to announce a new tool to add to your Learning Toolkit in the form of H5P.

H5P is a tool which allows the creation and distribution of small Learning Objects for utilisation in the classroom, these are easy to create and each type of Learning Object comes with a handy little tutorial to get you started.

These tools are Mobile friendly and can be used to make content richer and more interactive.

Tools include:

  • Drag and Drop quizes,
  • Fill in the Blanks tasks,
  • Interactive Video content, 
  • Multiple Choice questions,
  • Quizzes and Questionarres,
  • Memory game snippets and much more.

Have a play around and see what you can create, check out some of the examples we've provided below on the H5P Showcase course, try downloading any we've created or that you have found and importing into your own course (guide to copy and share H5P objects available here)

How to add

To add to a course, while editing, click the 'Add an Activity or Resource' button and select 'Interactive Content'.

Tutorial and Example button at the Top of any H5P tool

Most importantly, don't hesitate to get in touch if you require assistance and, if you create something really interesting, let us know and with your permission we can include it in the H5P Showcase course to show others what they can do.


iLearn Showcase Course

H5P Authoring Tutorials

Visit H5P content types for more information